Coalition Efforts

Financial Planning Coalition’s efforts – including original research, testimony and comment letters – have fostered continued dialogue around financial planning policy issues with key policymakers and industry stakeholders.


22 April 2016 Letter to House of Representatives Urging Opposition to Resolution of Disapproval of DOL Fiduciary Rule

18 April 2016 Significant Changes in Final DOL Fiduciary Rule

22 February 2016 Letter to Democratic Members of Congress Opposing H.R. 4293 and H.R. 4294


7 December 2015 Letter to Congress Opposing Additional Delays to DOL Fiduciary Rule

2 December 2015 Testimony before the Subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor, & Pensions Urging Congress Not to Intervene with the DOL Fiduciary Rule

29 October 2015 Letter Urging Members Not To Sign Dear Colleague Calling for Additional Comment Period for Fiduciary Rule

26 October 2015 Letter to Democratic Members of Congress Opposing H.R. 1090

16 October 2015 Letter to Senate Members Opposing Rider on Funding Bill or Any Legislation to Delay Final DOL Fiduciary Rule

16 October 2015 Letter to House of Representatives Members Opposing Rider on Funding Bill or Any Legislation to Delay Final DOL Fiduciary Rule

29 September 2015 Letter to House Financial Services Committee Opposing H.R. 1090

24 September 2015 Joint Supplemental Comment Letter to the Department of Labor Supporting the Re-Proposed Fiduciary Rule

10 August 2015 Testimony during the Department of Labor public hearings on the Re-Proposed Fiduciary Rule

21 July 2015 Joint Comment Letter to the Department of Labor on the Re-Proposed Fiduciary Rule

21 July 2015 Princeton Survey Research Associates International – Fiduciary Standard Survey


25 November 2014 Joint Letter to SEC Chair Mary Jo White on Division of Economic and Risk Analysis (DERA) Fiduciary Analysis

20 October 2014 White Paper: Consumers Are Confused and Harmed Two-Page Graphic Summary: Amid Surge in Demand for Financial Planners, Consumers Are Harmed by Lack of Appropriate Regulatory Standards

25 July 2014 Letter to Rep. Spencer Bachus (R-GA), thanking him for support of H.R. 1627, the Investment Adviser Examination Improvement Act

25 July 2014 Letter to Sens. Mikulski (D-MD) and Shelby (R-AL) regarding Fiscal Year 2015 SEC Appropriations

14 April 2014 Joint Letter to SEC on Evidence of Investor Harm due to Lack of a Uniform Fiduciary Standard


8 July 2013 Comment Letter to SEC in response to “Request for Information Concerning the Duties of Brokers, Dealers and Investment Advisers,” including appendix with Aite Group Fiduciary Study Findings

July 2013 Aite Group Uniform Fiduciary Standard Research Summary

11 March 2013 Financial Planning Coalition March 2013 Investor Protection Survey Topline Results


1 May 2012 Stakeholder Communication: Join Coalition in Opposing Investment Adviser SRO Legislation FINRA Investment Adviser SRO Cost Reconciliation by The Boston Consulting Group Comparison Chart: FINRA “Investment Estimate” and Analysis by The Boston Consulting Group

20 April 2012 Stakeholder Communication: Financial Planning Coalition Advocacy Report

28 March 2012 Letter to SEC Outlining Framework for Uniform Fiduciary Standard


15 December 2011 Boston Consulting Group Research on Investment Adviser Oversight

29 November 2011 Stakeholder Communication: Financial Planning Coalition Advocacy Report

14 September 2011 Financial Planning Coalition Statement for House Capital Markets Subcommittee Hearing on Investment Adviser Oversight and Fiduciary Duty

23 June 2011 Letter to SEC Sharing Petition Supporting a Fiduciary Standard for Financial Professionals

28 March 2011 Introductory Letter to Members of Congress

8 March 2011 Letter Urging Congress to Provide Adequate Funding to SEC

27 January 2011 Stakeholder Communication: Update on Dodd-Frank Studies

18 January 2011 Financial Planning Coalition Responds to GAO Study on Financial Planning


16 December 2010 Letter to SEC Regarding Dodd-Frank Act SRO Study

1 December 2010 Comment Letter to the SEC on SIFMA Impact Assessment

15 September 2010 National Opinion Survey on U.S. Investors & Fiduciary Standard

30 August 2010 Letter to the SEC Requesting Fiduciary Standard of Care Requirement

15 July 2010 Stakeholder Communication: Congress Passes Financial Regulatory Reform Legislation

14 June 2010 Joint Letter in Support of Inclusion of Fiduciary Standard in Final Reform Legislation

12 May 2010 Letter to Senate: Reduce Elder Financial Abuse and Protect All Consumers by Approving Fiduciary Standard Amendment

24 March 2010 Stakeholder Communication: Coalition Update Regarding the “Financial Planners Act of 2010” in the Senate Bill

24 February 2010 Stakeholder Communication: Financial Planning Coalition Continues to Push for a Regulated Financial Planning Profession

16 February 2010 Letter to Congress Sharing Survey Results Showing Strong Public Support for Financial Planning Standards in Regulation Bill

7 January 2010 Myth-Fact around the Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2009


16 December 2009 Stakeholder Communication: Financial Planning Coalition Influences Financial Services Legislation in Congress

5 November 2009 Stakeholder Communication: Financial Planning Coalition Update Regarding the Investor Protection Act of 2009

3 November 2009 Letter Opposing FINRA Oversight of Investment Advisers

3 November 2009 Letter Warning Against Weakening Fiduciary Standard in the Investor Protection Act

28 October 2009 Letter Expressing Support for a Fiduciary Standard for Brokers Providing Investment Advice

19 October 2009 Financial Planning Coalition’s Call to Action: Financial Planner Oversight Board