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Investment News: RIAs should be forced to hire outside examiners: Gallagher

Mark Schoeff of InvestmentNews reports that SEC official wants registered investment advisers to be forced to hire third-party contractors to conduct examinations, increasing the oversight of advisers.

Excerpt: Securities and Exchange Commission member Daniel Gallagher wants registered investment advisers to be forced to hire third-party contractors to conduct examinations.

In remarks at the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Inc.’s annual conference in Washington, Mr. Gallagher recommended that the SEC write a regulation that would require advisers to hire an examiner to review their operations.

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Huffington Post: There Is a Future of Finance (And It’s Called Fiduciary Capitalism)

John D. Rogers, President and CEO of the CFA Institute discusses how the financial industry and investors would benefit if “an era of fiduciary capitalism emerges.”

Excerpt: Earlier this week, over 1,800 investment professionals took time out to visit Seattle for CFA Institute’s 67th Annual Conference. This was an important opportunity to join an initiative that is about the future of finance and shaping an industry that better serves society. Education has a crucial role to play in helping to restore to financial intermediaries a greater sense of social purpose, and that’s why CFA Institute and other professional organizations exist. A new mindset, one we could call fiduciary capitalism, is worth considering. The leaders here will likely include institutional investors – pension funds, endowments, foundations and sovereign wealth funds – as well as early adopters in the fund management industry. Based on a duty of care and loyalty and the obligation to place the needs of their beneficiaries above all other considerations, these investors share an agenda.

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Financial Advisor: SEC’s Budget Fails To Protect Investors, White Says

Ted Knutson of Financial Advisor reports that the SEC is not providing investors with “sufficient protection” against dishonest advisors because of budget shortfalls.

Excerpt: The Securities and Exchange Commission is not providing investors with “sufficient protection” against dishonest advisors because of budget shortfalls, SEC Chairman Mary Jo White told Congress today.

Noting that the SEC only has 19 examiners per trillion dollars in investment advisor assets under management, White appealed for money to hire 250 advisor examiners. The examiners are needed for better oversight of advisors, whom she said consumers are increasingly relying upon to deal with securities markets and retirement planning.

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Barron’s: A Uniform Standard of Care

John G. Taft, CEO of RBC Wealth Management U.S., discusses the need to extend a uniform fiduciary standard of care across the financial planning profession.

Excerpt: There is a regulatory reform that will enable the wealth-management industry to better serve the investing public. It is a simple way to ensure that individual consumers of financial advice receive the same high level of regulatory protection — no matter which firm they walk into, which advisor they work with, what kind of advice they receive, or how they pay for it, and without compromising their access to products or services or otherwise limiting their investing choices.

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Chicago Tribune: Know your options before investing in an adviser

In the Chicago Tribune, Gail Marks Jarvis stresses the need for investors to ensure that their financial planner is held to ethical standards and provides financial planning services pursuant to a fiduciary standard of care.

Excerpt: It’s a typical reaction: You don’t think you have the slightest idea how to invest your money for your future, so you figure you’ll go to an expert and get it right.

The trouble is that the investment business is full of conflicts of interest. And naive individuals, who go blindly for help, often end up getting dinged in the process. The more you need help, the more chance you will get taken.

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U.S. News & World Report: When Salespeople Call Themselves Advisors

Jim Lardner of Americans for Financial Reform discusses the challenges investors face when working with advisors who do not have investors’ best interests in mind, often recommending investments that will generate more money for themselves.

Excerpt: Saving for retirement is extra-hard these days, and not just because wages are low and millions of Americans are still struggling to make up for ground lost after the 2008 financial crisis. All too often, the difficulty is compounded by gaps in the rules for the financial professionals who provide retirement-planning advice.

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